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The need and urgency of Hill Roads cannot be minimized in considerations of:
(i) National Strategic and Security considerations which require adequate roads for Military, Army use.
(ii) Rich forest minerals and oil wealth exist in the hilly terrain, which require exploitation in an organized and planned manner.
(iii) A large population in the hills have to live under extreme weather conditions besides non-availability of other are like water, electricity, marketing, educational health and recreational facilities, within a reasonable distances for each habitation.
(iv) The economic conditions of the majority of the hill population being extremely poor due to inadequate agriculture produce and non-availability of basic infrastructure and jobs/employment opportunities.
(v) There is tremendous potential for development of hills natural resources besides scope for setting up Health Resources and Tourism Development Centers.
(vi) The time and effort needed to cover distances on foot or even on ponies and for mechanical transporters manifold more than that required in the plains. In the present book, an attempt has been made to make use of I.R.C. Standards, P.W.D. Standards and specifications, to the extent these are applicable and available to cover appropriate problems and site conditions. Advantage has also seen taken of the experience of some typical problems and their solutions in the recent past available from field engineers, work agents mate and also from study of old structures. The authors, would like to place on record their grateful thanks to the Engineers and Colleagues of U.P. P.W.D. In particular Engineer-in-Chief, and the Chief Engineer, U.P. P.W.D, the Civil Engineering Department of Roorkee University in particular Dr. A.S. Arya, Dr. A.S.R. Rao, Dr. Gopal Rajan, Dr. Bhawani Singh, Dr. C.E.G. Justo besides other associates, for all the encouragement, guidance and assistance provided in bringing out this treatise.


  • Systematic Approach For Hill Roads
  •  Standards and Geo metrics
  • Alignment and Planning of Hill Roads
  • Geology, Soils and Rocks
  • Hill Roads Drainage Works
  • Retaining Walls
  • Detailed Survey, Design, Estimation, of Hill Road Works With An Example
  • Rocks Blasting, Explosives, Quarries, Hill Cutting Techniques and Tunnels
  • Stabilization of Soils, Slopes and Land Slide Control
  • Safety Requirement & Labor Law Enforcement
  • Typical Problems In Hill Roads
  • Works and Contract Management
  • Execution of Road Works
  • Maintenance & Improvement of Hill Roads
  • Master Plan of Hill Roads
  • Documentation Completion Reports
  • Index

A textbook for all Engineering Branches, Competitive Examination, ICS, and AMIE Examinations In S.I Units For Degree, Diploma and A.I.M.E. (India) Students and Practicing Civil Engineers

R.S. Gahilowt (Padam Shree)
Consultant Ex. Chairman and Managing Director,
Hindustan Steel Works Construction Ltd.
Ex. Director, Steel Authority of India.
Ex. Superintending Engineer, U.P. P.W.D.
V.P. Gupta
Executive Engineer. U.P. P.W.D.
Hamirpur (U.P.)

ISBN: 978-81-89401-45-0
Pages: 409 + 16
Edition: 2nd,Year-2013
Size: L-24.2 B-15.8 H-2.6

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Treatise on Hill Roads

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