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"Part - 1. Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics : Introduction * Basic Definitions and Simple Tests * Practical Size Analysis * Plasticity Characteristics of Soils * Soil Classification * Clay Mineralogy and Soil Structure * Capillary Water * Permeability of Soil * Seepage Analysis * Effective Stress Principle * Stresses due to Applied Loads * Consolidation of Soils * Shear Strength * Compaction of Soils * Soil Stabilisation * Drainage, De-watering and Wells Part-2. Earth Retaining Structures and Foundation Engineering :. Site Investigations * Stability of Slopes * Earth Pressure Theories * Design of Retaining Walls and Bulkheads * Braced Cuts and Coffer Dams * Shafts, Tunnels and Underground Conducts * Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations * Design of Shallow Foundations * Pile Foundation * Drilled Piers and Caissons * Well Foundations * Machine Foundations * Pavement Design * Laboratory Experiments * Introduction to Rock Mechanics * Geothechnical Earthquake Engineering * Glossary of Common Terms * Miscellaneous objective-type questions * References * Publications of Bureau of Indian Standards * Index.


Degree, Diploma and A.I.M.E. (India) Students and Practicing Civil Engineers



Author: Dr. K. R. Arora
Edition: 7th Edition, Reprint: 2018
ISBN: 9788180141128
Page No.: 953
Binding: Paperback

Price: Rs 500

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (Standard Pub.)

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