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About the book:


This book is intended for undergraduate (B.E/B. Tech) students of civil engineering and post graduate (M.E/M.Tech) students of environmental science and engineering, and beginners in design of wastewater treatment plants. Also, it will be useful to the established designers of wastewater treatment plants, decision makers of municipal corporations, field executives and pollution control board authorities.


Wastewater treatment is a vast and interdisciplinary subject. Wastewater treatment plants are very complex hydro-technical facilities. The concept of planning and design of waste water treatment plants through concise book should be easily understandable to students, beginners in process and hydraulic design of wastewater treatment plants. Once the concepts are understood and reasonably enough confidence of process and hydraulic design of wastewater treatment process is gained then one can acquire specific details of design from different sources and can handle even planning and design of large capacity wastewater/sewage plants to different site conditions and layouts. 

The author felt to attempt and write a book-cum-design guide covering theory of the subject which is normally required to write examinations. Much stress is given on process and hydraulic design, treatment plant hydraulics, fundamentals of hydraulics and its application in wastewater treatment plant design, and hydraulic profiling of plants. The basic hydraulic concepts are same whether they are used for design of elements of sewage treatment plant or industrial waste water treatment.

A pilot project on design of 125 MLD capacity sewage treatment plant has been exercised in order to integrate the process design, hydraulic concepts, control points in plant and hydraulics of various units/components that must operate compatibly to provide the desired flow profile. The recommendations of various Indian standards and manual on Sewerage and Sewage Treatment of CPHEO under Ministry of Urban Development, New Delhi  have been followed.

The SI units of measurement are used throughout the book and in design calculations. The book contain about 100 diagrams, tables, photos  and three large diagrams of sewage treatment plant’s layout, hydraulic profiling of main flow path and return flow. 


Book features:


  • Provides enough subject theory and design of wastewater treatment plants in detail. 
  • Theory and design considerations of Activated Sludge Process(ASP) and its modifications, advanced wastewater biological treatment processes like- Sequencing Batch Reactor(SBR), Moving Bed Bio-film Reactor(MBBR), Rotating Biological Contactor(RBC), Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) process  has been covered in detail.
  • It includes plant siting and layout development, support facilities, basics of hydraulics, plant hydraulics and pump hydraulics in depth which is required for hydraulic design and profiling of wastewater treatment plants. 
  • A complete process and hydraulic design, and hydraulic profiling of 125 MLD sewage  treatment plant.
  • Process design of Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) process.
  • Appendices: Tables and Nomograms, standard sizes of pipes of various materials, gates, pumps, aerators, air blowers, and table of constants required for hydraulic calculations.


Useful to:-

         (a)  Students of M. Tech in Environmental Engg  

         (b)  Students of  B. Tech (Civil Engg) 

         (c)  Officers of  Municipal corporations, and pollution control boards   central/states

         (d)  Beginner in  design of wastewater treatment plants

         (e)  Design department of wastewater treatment industries

         (f)   Consultants

         (g)  Advisors of  urban development departments


About the Author:

Dr S N Tirthakar is a Professor in Civil Engineering at College of Military Engineering, Pune. He did his post graduation in Environmental Engineering and Doctoral study in the year 1993 and 2007 respectively. He has about 30 years of teaching, research and consultancy/field experience. The author has large number of technical and research papers to his credit in national and international journals.


★Book Details:
ISBN : 978-93-91651-00-8
Pages: 416
Edition:1st, Year -2022
Size(cms): L-2.6, B-20.5. H- 29 Cms

Weight: 1293Gms

Process and Hydraulic Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants (Hard Bound)

SKU: ISBN: 978-93-91651-00-8
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