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★About The Book:

Microbial biotechnology and food biotechnology are important disciplines of biotechnology. Microbes are known for their beneficial as well as harmful role in human life. In harmful aspect, microbes are known to spoil the food and causing diseases to humans. In beneficial, microbes play important role in various food developments. A large number of microbes based products and processes are part of continuously expanding food industry. Microbes are well known for their primary and secondary metabolites that have industrial importance particularly in food industry.
This book has been designed and written for UG/PG students of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Food Science & Technology, Dairy Technology and related disciplines along with the students preparing for various competitive exams. The content has been designed according to the syllabus of UG/ PG programs. This book will help the readers for instant knowledge gain on the written topics. The book is useful for examination point of view. The topics have been written in concise and easy understandable form. The content of book has been distributed in five sections including (1) Microorganisms and Food, (2) Microbial Food Products, (3) Novel Foods and Ingredients, (4) Food Packaging: Roles and Materials, and (5) Microbial Enzymes in Food Processing Industry. Sample questions and suggested readings have also been given for each section.
Broadly, the book covers the relations of microbes with food, food spoilage, food borne microbial diseases, fermented foods, dairy products and novel foods (SCP, water binding agents, microbial polysaccharides, etc.). The book also covered the role of food packaging, packaging materials and their applications. Microbial products are of biological origin and considered safe as compared to synthetic and chemical formulations. The book also focuses on microbial development of food along with novel foods and ingredients. This book covers microbial enzymes along with their perspectives in food industry. We hope, this book will be helpful for quick revisions at the time of examinations and also for conceptual knowledge to the beginners in the area. We will try our best to update and improve the book content as and when required by students.


★About The Author:
Dr. Mukesh Yadav 
Assistant Professor  
Department of Biotechnology,  
Maharishi Markandeshwar (MM) 
(Deemed to be University), 
Mullana-Ambala, India 

Dr. Nirmala Sehrawat  
Assistant Professor at Department of Biotechnology,  
Maharishi Markandeshwar  
(Deemed to be University),  
Mullana-Ambala, India.


★Book Details:
ISBN : 978-93-91651-09-1  
Pages : 130
Paperback Edition : 1st, Year-2022
Printing : Four Colored Print 
Dimensions : 1.0 x 17.5 x 25 cm 
Item Weight : 350 g


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Instant Notes for Microbial and Food Biotechnology

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