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There are very little books, text books, hand books and reference books available on Coronavirus Diseases, COVID-19 in terms of dedicated monographs on particular topics. The present conceptualized edited book dedicated to under graduate medical students, post graduate bioscience students and research scholars for the applicability during their dissertation or pre-doctoral programs. Therefore, the book focused on the integrated aspects of ongoing infectious Pandemic COVID-19 of different origins in global perspectives and more especially in the Indian scenario impelled me to produce this work in the form a book. This book is written with the objectives to deliver the fundamental knowledge of SARS-CoV-2 caused current COVID-19 Pandemic, its emergence, spread, causes, Government initiatives as precautionary measures through social distancing and lockdown, herbal, ayurvedic, allopathic and associated multifaceted therapeutic efforts during hospitalization
and strategic vaccination to combat COVID-19. The effect of current pandemic
on school and higher education teaching learning system which was a major
challenge and how it was overcome by adopting and innovative and applicable
E-based teaching-learning as an opportunity during COVID-19 also included in the
current book. As the book entitled “Emerging Infectious Covid-19: Causes and
Therapeutic Approaches”, therefore authors covered all the dimension related
to COVID-19 in the present book and compiled the information, scientific findings,
reported clinical observations in terms of sources of infection, disease symptoms,
causes, epidemiology, precautionary and control measures along with the recent
advances in therapeutic approaches meticulously. Thus the book compiled here,
itself holding a diverse but integrated scientific data and knowledge of hazardous
viruses, and also providing practical understanding of these hazards as utmost
necessity to protecting the health of humans, society, country and ecosystems
for the holistic and sustainable development. The book has been prepared in
accordance with the new concept of research dealing an introduction to complete
aspects of the major causes and cure of infectious COVID-19. This book represents
an update and expansion on a previous pedagogic pattern and the adaptation of
new E-based teaching learning system in reference to merits and demerits in
current situation for the development of academic knowledge and skill in class
going youths. The editor/author is extremely appreciative to scholarly readers
and appeal to send their precious suggestions for additional perfection of the
book into possible future edition.


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