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Healing by Bhaktamar:
Bhaktamar Stotra is a complete program of 48 solutions for harmonious living written by Acharya Mantungji Maharaj in praise of Lord Adinath. The name Bhaktamar comes from a combination of two Sanskrit names, “Bhakta” (Devotee) and “Amar” (Immortal). Riddhi is chanted for gaining mystic powers but the devotee must undergo certain tests before it is attained. Mantras are sentences with powerful seeds (Beej Mantras) which, if chanted for 108 times daily, brings a shift in your consciousness within 21 days. Jinvani: Jinvani is the holy book of the Jains just as the Bible is for Christians. There is a chapter for predicting the future with the help of dice containing the name of ARIHANT OR MAHAVIR. You can get an answer to any question you ask by seeing the letter fallen by the dice. Akhand Path: 24 hours of continuous chanting of any stotra. Havan – Offering done to Fire God by chanting Mantra and Riddhi with oblations such as clove.

Faith/ Belief:
Belief is the most important element when chanting the Bhaktamar slokas. One has to have faith in this healing system. The shlokas have to be chanted with
intensity and that reciting mantras causes the release of Serotonin, thereby increasing well-being and in particular melatonin which is known as an anticarcinogenic agent along with the building of immunity. Bhaktamar is based on sound vibrations, i.e. mantra therapy, combined with thought vibrations. I believe that this system of spiritual healing can cure all types of problems. It drugless therapy and also works as a therapy for distance healing. For example, a person can chant a particular shloka and mantra for his relative/friend suffering from an illn in another city or country and still bene The 48 Bhaktamar shlokas have healing powers and are used for a variety of purposes. Out of these, around removal of headaches, curing of eye diseases and eyesight, leprosy, skin diseases including all types of abdominal pains, diarrhea, all kinds of gastrointestinal tract diseases, curing of infertility, prevention of miscarriages, prevention and cure of cancer, improper functioning of kidneys, problems with spinal cord etc. Some Bhaktamar shlokas refer t worldly issues like getting a job or wanting a promotion in a job, abundance in terms of wealth- e.g. clearing of debts, having more prosperity and being successful etc. Yet oth shlokas refer to the removal of all types of fears like fear of theft, bankruptcy, death, and other emotional issues. Finally, some shlokas deal with turbulences created by the spirit world.

Bhaktamar: Ek Kaljayi Stotra

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