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The objective of this book is to introduce an artificial neural network based solution for the problem of measuring the actual amount of harmonics injected into a power network by an individual nonlinear load. In this modern era, the demand for electrical and electronics system has increased so much that it has become very hard to do without it. Now a day, a smooth life cannot be expected without electrical energy. Today, electrical and electronic devices are used in every area may it be homes, offices, markets, traffic, education, health, service, defence, communication, sports, industries etc. In recent years, neural network has got special attention by the researchers because of its simplicity, learning and generalization ability and it has been applied in the field of engineering. The theory of neural network is becoming more and more mature and is also making certain breakthrough progress in various fields. It has the advantages of parallel information processing, learning, distribution patterns and memory which can be used in the measurement of the harmonic to construct an appropriate network.
The book is intended to provide a compressiveknowledge in the field of power system harmonics, source of harmonics, power quality and artificial neural network. The students of both undergraduates and postgraduates’ college will find the book quite simple and informatics.
A number of colleagues and friends of author have contributed significantly through their constructive critism in the evolution and preparation of the book manuscript. The authors are thankful to them for their continued support without which this book would not been possible.
The author would like to thank Mr. Akash Deep Jain for showing interest in this book. I grateful toStandard Book House U/o Rajsons Publications Pvt Ltd, Delhi and his entire production team fortheir spontaneous help and assistance indeveloping and publishing the book in its present form.
I am indebted to many individuals for their support and guidance. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my advisor Professor A.S.Zadgaonkar. His mentoring, guidance, constant encouragement and the countless enlightening conversations have not only helped me achieve this goal, but will also help me as an engineer in the years to come. It was an honor for me to work under his exemplary supervision.
I wish to thank Mrs. A.S.Zadgaonkar for her love and blessing, when we discussed the topic at her home. She lovingly ensured a continuous supply of tea, snacks and sweets for refreshment.

Artificial Neural Network and Power System Harmonics Detection

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